Gastro-Intestinal Care

Fluoro-Track™ Fluoroscopy Stretcher (493RPCST)

The Fluoro-Track stretcher is designed for use with C-Arms for fluoroscopy-guided procedures. The unique design, with a proprietary sliding top, enables a broader range of imagining capacity without repositioning the patient. The hourglass-shaped trim base accommodates a wide range of C-Arms. The security of a specialty imaging table with the mobility of a stretcher.

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Horizon Powered Bariatric Stretcher (4E2APRST/4D2APRST)

The powered bariatric Stretcher is designed to meet your bariatric patient management needs and is versatile enough to be used in every phase of care from patient transport and clinical procedures to recovery. This unit fits easily through doorways and is much lighter than other bariatric units and beds.

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Horizon™ 462 Retracto™ Rail Stretcher

Horizon 462 Retracto Rail Stretcher

The 462 Horizon Retracto Rail stretcher is a dependable choice for general transportation needs.   Featuring choice of 500 lb or 800 lb* weight capacity and standard or wide widths to accommodate most patients comfortably. Center Track Steering, Dual Side foot controls, and Pneumatic Assist Backrest provide greater patient and caregiver safety.

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All Purpose Chair (APC) Series (APC250ST)

The All Purpose Chair is easy to use, and time efficient. The APC series chair provides positioning capabilities for a variety of procedures and all phases of treatment. The versatility allows you to treat, transfer, and transport patients on a comfortable chair configuration. Ideal for Emergency/Triage and same day services.

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