Fluoroscopy Stretcher
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Fluoro-Track™ Fluoroscopy Stretcher (493RPCST)

The Fluoro-Track™ offers the security of a treatment table with the mobility of a stretcher. Designed for use with fluoroscopy machines (C-arms),  the Fluoro-Track™ full length stretcher features radiolucent tops that translate to either end for excellent
patient access. The hourglass-shaped, trimmed base accommodates a wide range of C-arms.

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Surgical X Ray Stretcher
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X-Ray Trauma Stretcher (493RPCST)

The X-Ray Trauma Stretcher series is intended for transport, treatment, and recovery of patients’ intra-and inter-departmentally in healthcare facilities. The unit offers unparalleled full-length X-ray capabilities featuring a radiolucent patient surface for clear imaging, the security of a treatment table and the mobility of a stretcher.

The patient surface adjusts through a wide range of positions, including stretcher height and backrest adjustment for ensured patient comfort.

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Hydraulic All Purpose Chair
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All Purpose Chair (APC) Series

The  All-Purpose Chair provides superior mobility and maneuverability and is intended for intra- and inter-departmental transport. Similar to the EPC series in use and versatility but uses hydraulics to adjust positions.

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Surgical Chair
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Surgi-Chair (ESC) Series

Mobile surgical platform for Arthroscopy, EYE/ENT, Plastic Surgery, and same day services procedures in a chair configuration. Chair configuration provides a comforting setting for the patient; easily converts to the supine position. Infinite adjustability of the articulating headpiece assures proper positioning; low profile headpiece design offers unparalleled site access for the surgeon. (ESCEYEST & ESDEYEST)

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