The Surgi-Stretcher Series is designed as a mobile surgical platform for EYE/ENT and plastic surgery procedures.

578EYESTstandard width
578EYXST –  wide width


  • Articulating head piece with dual operating knobs allow infinite adjustability and precise microscopic movement of the head section
  • Designed with a low-profile head piece allowing site access for both superior (over brow) and lateral (side approach) procedures

Standard Features:

  • Four wheel brake and steer caster system operable from all four corners
  • Easy to clean thermoformed base cover with O2 tank holder and ample storage space
  • 3-Stage Telescoping I.V. pole [permanently mounted at foot]
  • Foot-end hand crank controlled backrest and leg flex
  • Stainless steel Retracto® Side Rails with rail caps
  • Dual side hydraulic foot pedal controls
    • Height Adjustment
    • Trendelenburg Positioning
  • Comfort mattress and head pad
  • Dual operating control knobs
  • Easy rolling casters
  • Low profile articulating head piece

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H076336 Retracto® Surgical

HSA080017-xxx Surgical
HSA400500-xxx use with Pad and 2 Mounting Rails

H00005400 Lateral X-Ray

H00006B00 Stationary

H06883600 Extension – regular width
H06884600 Extension – extra wide

HSA080000 Electric – Hi/Low

HSA078700 Pre-Op/Post-Op Extension – regular width
HSA079000 Pre-Op/Post-Op Extension – extra wide

H0101ST-xxx – Navy Set of Sizes Below:
HSA063500-xxx — Individual — Small 2″
HP150830448B-xxx — Individual — Medium 3″
HSA063500B-xxx — Individual — Large 4″

H000E1700 Fixed Height
H000018 Stainless Telescoping
H080770 and Monitor Rod – Telescoping Stainless Steel
HSA080018 Pendant Holder

H000N4500 – Standard
H00WN4500 – Wide

HSA400600 – Oxyflex II Kit — Flexible Support Structure, Adapter, and Well Mount
HSA008000 – Disposable Oxyflex II Diffusion Trays — Includes 24 inch Tube 25/cs
HSA007900 – Oxyflex II Kit — Flexible Support Structure and Tuck Plate

HPD0610-xxx Retracto® Pad – 4 Leg Set

H00001200 with Buckle

H06536600 Universal Patient

HSA078500 Dual Lateral – Half “U”
HSA078600 Full “U” – over brow
HSP100400 Full “U” – Tall – gray

This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.