A New Ship: Announcing the Global Mercy™

The world’s largest civilian hospital ship designed to double the hope, double the healing.

The dream was born long ago

What if we designed a new hospital ship? One that could hold more patients? Support more volunteer crewmembers? Deliver more medical training? What if we build a vessel that could provide even more hope and more healing in Africa?

Responding to an Overwhelming Need

The dream of a new ship came in response to a harsh reality.

Each year, 16.9 million people die due to lack of access to surgical care.¹

The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery

A large percentage of these deaths occur in Africa’s developing nations, where the fragile healthcare systems simply cannot support the overwhelming need for safe surgical procedures.

For over 40 years, Mercy Ships has been on a mission to change that. Through the support of our faithful partners and volunteers, we provide access to safe surgery and deliver medical training. As a result, countless lives have been transformed through a holistic approach to healthcare. From surgical care, to medical training, to long-lasting infrastructure development, we strengthen healthcare systems by treating patients and providing sustainable solutions to nations in need.

But in all of our efforts to reach more and teach more, we needed a ship equipped to do more.

A Medical Marvel

It’s with much joy and gratitude that we announce the Global Mercy—the world’s largest civilian hospital ship, built to more than double our capacity to deliver safe healthcare and medical training to Africa. This 174-meter, 37,000-ton ship is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology and instrumentation, 6 operating theaters and 199 hospital beds. And because medical training is a critical part of our in-country engagement program, the Global Mercy is equipped with a training center that includes a simulation lab, virtual reality stations, and more. Powered by an international crew of more than 600 volunteers, the ship also has ample accommodations to make its surgeons, nurses, maritime crew, cooks, teachers, electricians and more, feel at home. (Interested in volunteering? Submit your application today!)

The Global Mercy will join the Africa Mercy to serve Africa together. With their combined medical technology, passionate crews, and the support of partners, many more people will experience life changing transformations.

Bringing Hope and Healing

Free surgical procedures by some of the most well-trained physicians in the world remains an important part of our life-changing work. And while our patients experience physical healing through the surgeries they receive, they often find much more. Children are able to go to school. Mothers and fathers are able to work and provide for their families. Community relationships are restored. For so many of our patients, access to surgery means finding hope again.

Over the next 50 years, it is estimated that more than 150,000 lives will be changed onboard the Global Mercy through surgery alone, and countless more lives will be impacted through the ship’s medical training and infrastructure programs. In close collaboration with our host nations in Africa, the Global Mercy, together with the Africa Mercy, will more than double the impact of our work.

Join us on the journey of making dreams a reality!

Learn more about the Global Mercy and how you can leave a lasting legacy.


Our Donations and Your Donations Make the Ship Sail

All Mercy Ship staff members pay their own way to help support the Mercy Ships organization. Everyone, from the doctors to the ship’s cleaning crew, not only gives their time but supports themselves for the mission of care with a goal of saving lives around the world.

We hope Graham-Field’s partnership with Mercy Ships will help sustain the organization’s mission for many years to come.

To read more about Mercy Ships or send donations, visit their website.

Source: Mercy Ships